What to expect as a guest of Am I Mental?

We do a pre-show on the Tuesday before your episode, this is done at the same time of day as the episode itself if at all possible. The pre-show has multiple purposes but mainly it’s to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. The goals of the pre-show are as follows:

  • Make sure we have a good internet connection and no echoing, distortion, lag, etc
  • To get to know everyone involved from host, co-hosts and guests
  • To hammer out what we’ll be talking about on the episode

The goal isn’t to have you tell us the full story but to give us the synopsis of your story. This will help us to figure out how to go about teasing people into coming and listening, think up some questions to ask during the show and to see if Bexy should bring a box of tissues or not (don’t worry, Bexy crying is normal).


The day of the show we connect up 20 minutes before we go live. This is to address any last minute quirks that might come up and to just listen to some music and take it easy before the show. We know that you are going to be nervous before the show, everyone is. You are about to be vulnerable online, you know, the thing you have been told to never do. We have all been in your shoes when it comes to facing an episode. So we are going to try to make it as easy and comfortable for you as possible.


Our listener community, especially those in the chat, are amazing people. They are very likely to have your back (there might be exceptions that I haven’t thought of and I’ve been trying). As it stands right now there has been a grand total of zero guests they didn’t support and validate.


If you are interested in being a guest on this podcast, email guest@amimental.net.