Episode 0 – Changes are coming

Episode 1 – Host E talks about his suicide attempt

Episode 2 – R talks about dealing with her brother molesting her 3 year old daughter

Episode 3 – Rachel Conway from Genuine Psychological Services is back

Episode 4 – Four talks about loss, and not just any loss

Episode 5 – A talks about the longterm impact of the ultimate in childhood betrayal

Episode 6 – Shelly T talks about being a parent with an autistic child

Episode 7 – Yosh talks about losing siblings to murder

Episode 8 – KZ says farewell (he’s going on a hiatus). Bexy joins the crew as a co-host

Episode 9 – S talks about being stalked and manipulated by a pedophile and giving up a kid to adoption under very shady circumstances

Episode 10 – Season Finale, Co-Host Bexy talks about life with autoimmune disease