Episode 0 – What to expect with this Podcast

Episode 1 – Get to know the host

Episode 2 – Host Q&A

Episode 3 – Co-host flakes, In comes B

Episode 4 – Co-host KZ is here today, get to know him

Episode 5 – CJ talks about the mental and emotional aspects of being in an abusive relationship and how life is after the relationship is over

Episode 6 – Sean talks about Antisocial Personality Disorder

Episode 7 – Jenn talks about Bipolar 2 and Depression

Episode 8 – AJ talks about living in a Christian cult and what life is like after getting out

Episode 9 – D talks about living six months wondering if he was going to lose his son to a tumor

Episode 10 – Special guest Rachel Conway of Genuine Psychological Services shares her passion and theories

BONUS CONTENT – Rachel demonstrates Internal Family Systems by putting E through the paces