Who Are The Hosts of Am I Mental?

E – The host and founder

E is the primary contact for scheduling guests, introducing guests and even being the subject when California Licensed therapist Rachel Conway of Genuine Psychological Services comes on the show to share. E set the tone in the very first episode of the podcast by sharing an essay he wrote almost a year before launching this podcast. Little did he know that his timing of the podcast’s launch would line up with both the first day of Spring and also the nation wide shutdown associated with COVID-19. He is very open about his own journey in life and his struggles and triumphs living with mental health issues and has a number of guests who credit his open and friendly nature with why their experience on the show was a great one.

E is also the person who wrote the music in the podcast as well as is the webmaster of this website.

KZ – Former co-host (on hiatus but will return)

KZ is a long time personal friend of E and one time step-brother-in-law (we talk about it during an episode or two). Initially brought on to help ask questions and help keep conversations going, he had a hard time finding his voice on the show initially. In Season 2 he took on the duty of asking the questions posed in the chatroom to the guests. Due to a whirlwind of activity due to California’s wildfires, the nature of his job, and multiple new job prospects opening up; KZ had to step down. Once his life settles down again, he will be back on the show.

KZ is also an infamous name dropper, but never the name of our guests.


Bexy – Co-host and ray of sunshine

Bexy was the first guest of Am I Mental? (Had to fill in when co-host KZ was M.I.A.). She has been the most consistent guest in the chatroom and is easily the most in touch with her feelings of anyone E has ever met. She will be doing chatroom question asking and has stepped up HUGE with helping to schedule Season 3 (we got it done in under 12-hours!!!!) Bexy is an open book and S02E10 is proof why E and Bexy shouldn’t be allowed to run a show without a guest.

Bexy is also a published poet and is working on her own book of poetry.